Uh-oh, where is that phone ... what's on it and how much trouble am I in?

The cost of outfitting employees with mobile devices continually changes when advances in technology offering multiple and affordable options. With smaller, faster, and lighter appealing to many, asset tracking and proper management throughout it's lifecycle is an often overlooked component of the investment made.

mika-baumeister-J5yoGZLdpSI-unsplash (1)Avoiding a Security Event

Viewing missing assets simply as a trivial matter is a real threat welcoming a potential intrusion. Understandably, there are scenarios where assets may disappear or be difficult to locate. (hardware or software failures, decommission or legal hold storage, etc.) They become a percentage of those assets falling out of compliance with continual patching and security processes designed to avoid a potential security event.

With the ever-increasing and high-profile attacks, we need to continually adapt and overcome but not forget the valuable lessons learned over time. Deploying remote devices with multiple security controls adds to the overall costs, but how much is one willing to spend by not providing layers of protection? (drive encryption, multi-factor authentication, remote device wiping, mobile device management, etc.) The majority of business contracts written today have specific portions dedicated to maintaining a security program compliant with one of the more common cybersecurity frameworks.



Virtually every company should align to a security framework and map out its defenses. Security frameworks consist of several documents that clearly outline the adopted policies, procedures, and processes by which the company abides. The main point of having an information security framework in place is to reduce risk levels and the organization's exposure to vulnerabilities. A component of a framework comes with having a thorough software and hardware inventory, in addition to sound processes for decommissioning and disposal. Without them, it becomes an impossible task to protect what you do not know exists.