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Beyond the environmental impact, let’s look deeper at how e-waste is endangering humanity at a global level. You can help.

There are plenty of reasons to recycle your endpoints. Employees come and go, and budgets are always stretched thin. Device recycling helps you address both of those corporate realities; but today, there’s even greater cause to rely on your devices for longer periods of time to ensure a safe recycling process once they’ve reached end of life: protecting our world’s children.

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Right to Repair

In July, U.S. President Biden signed an Executive Order that encourages the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to ensure consumers have the right to fix their own electronics. More specifically, the EO urges the FTC to ban what the administration considers anti-trust behaviors by manufacturers when they require repairs be done by either the manufacturer or one of their authorized dealers. On the heels of the EO, the FTC recently voted 5-0 they will create rules to prohibit the behavior and enforce them.

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