Use your OpenID Connect to use Securaze

Numerous different accounts with various passwords, and in the end: absolutely no overview of which one belongs where. Well, not with Securaze! We support you and allow you to memorize one password less. But how does it work? Find out in this blog!

To make this possible, our Dashboard and Securaze Work support the OpenID Connect.


But what is OpenID Connect?

OpenID Connect is a simple identity layer allowing clients to validate the end-user's identity on the basis of authentication, completed by an authorization server, and to receive base profile information of the end-user in an interoperable and REST-like way. Clients are also able to take advantage of optional functionalities, like identity data encryption, OpenID provider discovery, and meeting management, if it is beneficial for them to do so. 


So how exactly does this work with Securaze?

You've probably seen a "Sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Facebook" button on a website before. That's pretty much how it works with OpenID at Securaze. You, our customer, probably already have your own business system, such as Office 365, where users are all registered, and now you want to use OpenID for Securaze. Then we both add our systems to each other as trusted parties and exchange some keys. On our login screen, we have an OpenID login button that will forward you to your system, where you enter your username and password. If the login was successful, you will be redirected back to Securaze with the appropriate user information. If we already have a registered account with these user details, we will simply log you in. If not, we will create an account using this data and then log you in. Furthermore, in case you want to change the data before creating an account (custom usernames instead of auto-generated ones, role selection, etc.), we have the option to display a "Create account" form.


What is your advantage from this feature?

The purpose of all this is that you can skip the arduous process of adding all the required users through our WebUI and Clients, which can take quite a long time if you have many users of the program, and, of course, to improve the security. We support a global standard as an alternative login, allowing you to basically use your own system and user accounts instead of our Securaze username and password to perform authorization, and we can only access the user data you allow us to see. And in the end, all OpenID users have one less password to remember.


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