Insecure erasures with the risk of sensitive data remaining on the device or the recovery of this data?

Microsoft Windows. Everyone knows it, everyone has probably worked with it at some point.
While Microsoft and OEMs have good intentions, data sanitization isn’t their core competency. Additionally, they lack the necessary certifications and audit trails requisite to reassure users and organizations their data is truly unrecoverable.

Resetting a PC with Windows is easy and quick. A simple click on the start button, type "reset" and you'll end up in the Windows recovery settings where, with a few more clicks, you can erase the drive and your PC will reinstall itself from scratch.

However, as it now turns out, even after resetting a Windows PC, traces of personal data such as some user data can often be found in a Windows.old folder created on the hard drive, even though it is claimed that all personal data is destroyed during the erasing process. Obviously, this is an essential problem if you have sold your old device or are planning to do so and assume all personal and even other data has been erased by the factory reset. A big perpetrator here is Microsoft's OneDrive, which, if you agree to save data to your hard drive once, still leaves traces of some of those files even after a full Windows reset.
However, not only the latest Windows versions contain this bug, but even older versions are not reliable in terms of completely erasing your sensitive data.

And that's where we, Securaze, come in.

Designed for businesses and government organizations, our Securaze Work product provides certified data erasure for laptops, PCs, servers, storage, loose HDD/SSD and external drives. It guarantees secure data sanitization and meets all guidelines of local, regional and global data protection regulations. With Securaze Work, all of your personal and sensitive data is 100% irrevocably erased, giving you the peace of mind to resell or pass on your device without worry.


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